Tennessee River Gorge Trust

Under the direction of a volunteer board and the support of a professional staff, the Tennessee River Gorge Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1981, incorporated in 1986 protects the ecological diversity, scenic beauty and historic past of the nationally significant river canyon.

The Trust strives to inform our community; especially our young people of the need to preserve our few remaining natural lands. The future of the Gorge, its history and its natural beauty will continue if we all understand its significance.

The Trust develops educational and research programs with local schools to provide access to the Gorge. Through educational initiatives and cooperation with other organizations, both children and adults are provided valuable opportunities to learn from and enjoy the land. Pot Point, considered the crown jewel of the Gorge, is home to Chattanooga's first scientific field station. This facility, which accommodates both researchers and school groups, promotes the Trust's commitment to science and education.

The Trust has established a stewardship program to care for the lands in the Gorge. Stewardship involves ongoing land maintenance, ecological restoration, promotion of sustainable land use, and continuous biological inventorying.

Contact Tennessee River Gorge Trust

Contact Tennessee River Gorge Trust

Sarah Quattrochi
Outreach and Education Director
535 Chestnut St.
Suite 214
Chattanooga, Tennessee  37402-4946
Phone: (423) 266-0314
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