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T-1 Lighting has developed a line of lighting products utilizing our patented T-1® light source. The T-1 is a minimal profile, long life, cold cathode lamp that produces bright, color correct light. Through these patented designs and proprietary technology, we have adapted the T-1 to create an extraordinary group of products tailored to the specifier, architect, distributor and end user.

Because the T-1 is only 2.6mm in diameter and can last up to 10 years, it is ideal in situations where a minimal profile lamp configuration is desired. The T-1 is available in a range of color temperatures with both dimming and non-dimming capability. Fixtures are available in an array of finishes making T-1 Lighting ideal for architecturally specified lighting applications.

We currently offer the Clarity Series track light, Select Series under-cabinet light, Visions Series step lights, and Xtrabright® exit signs and retrofit kits. T-1 is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art applications for the lighting industry, creating products that have architectural integrity and are energy efficient.

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Contact T-1 Lighting

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