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Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, and the gas Summit provides its customers is produced in North America.

Natural gas equipment is easier to repair and maintain which means lower maintenance costs for you.

Your natural gas supply is always on and always “full.”

Natural gas is the environmentally friendly choice

That blue flame you see when burning natural gas is a sign of nearly perfect combustion, producing only heat, water and carbon dioxide — about 30 percent less carbon dioxide than oil and about 15 percent less than wood. And, unlike burning wood, it produces almost no emissions damaging to your health or the environment. Clean-burning natural gas is the healthy choice all around.

Natural gas is the energy-efficient choice

You will also leave less of a carbon footprint due to the high efficiencies of burning gas for heat and to power your appliances.

Gas boilers provide heat faster than other heat sources so you can lower your thermostat when you are away and quickly heat your home when you return. This strategy can save energy and save on heating costs. Weatherizing your home will provide additional savings and we can help. Summit Natural Gas of Maine will provide up to $560 for an Efficiency Maine Home Energy Audit in conjunction with six hours of air sealing to make homes more energy-efficien

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