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Starr Energy LLC was founded by Starr Smith in 2007. It was initially an electrical contracting business, but since there are many electricians working in the same industry it was difficult to compete. It was important for us to find a way to specialize so the company would be different from other electrical contracting companies. Since the year of establishment, many hours have been spent investigating new ideas to make the company distinct. In 2009 the company changed its direction specializing in renewable energy and installing home stand-by generators. Starr Energy now offers wind, solar, generators and as always electrical services. Our motto is “investing money for a comfortable future”. We want our customers to know that by investing their money in our products, they will live a comfortable future.

About the Owner:

My 10 years of experience in the electrical industry is a great strength for Starr Energy. I am trained in a four-year electrical program at Utah Valley University. I have a Masters Electrical license through the state of Utah. My education in renewable energy includes a wind power training in Lubbock, Texas, a Utah Wind Outreach training in Spanish Fork, Utah, a five-day hands on training course in Mesa, Arizona, through Southwest Windpower, a six-week course in solar power design and installation from Solar Energy International, and extensive research of wind and solar power. Other training consists of home stand-by generator training in Eagle, Wisconsin.


Solar Energy
Solar energy is the electricity generated from sunlight. The sun produces enough energy in 1 second to last 500,000 years for our current civilizations. Scientists have developed ways to capture and use this through solar panels, which are between 35 to 38-percent efficient. Every year these systems improve. Today more than 1 million homes worldwide run off of solar panels. Starr Energy offers site analysis, installation, and maintenance of solar electric systems.
Wind Energy
Wind power has been used for hundreds of years to grind grain, pump water for livestock and now use for electricity. The goal of the U.S. government is to be 20-percent efficient in wind power by 2030. This is a major selling point to those interested in renewable energy because of incentives from the federal and state government to meet this goal. Utility rates will continue to rise so the benefits of owning a wind turbine will continue to increase.Starr Energy offers the site analysis, installation and maintenance of wind energy systems.
If you need power for your residence or business, Generac standby generators are very dependable. When the power goes out, you can rely on Generac generators for backup power. Life will continue without the inconvenience of waiting hours before the power comes back on. Starr Energy offers solutions for backup power, installations and maintenance for Generac automatic standby power systems.
Electrical Services
Electrical service is very important because everyone wants to be safe. Homeowners do not want to worry about something starting a fire or the receptacles not working for certain appliances that they may have plugged into them. They want to come into the house and turn on the light and have it work. Electrical service is also a good preventative maintence. Starr Energy offers electrical services for home, business, new construction, and remodel of homes. We have a wide range of expertise including electrical meter upgrades, interior panel upgrades, and remodels and additions.

Contact Starr Energy

Contact Starr Energy

Starr Smith
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