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SoyPrint Inc. is a woman owned, progressive biotechnology company based in Yarmouth, ME. SoyPrint Inc. brought the world's first soy-based toner in 2008. Each SoyPrint toner cartridge save 2 liters of oil by replacing the petroleum found in standard toner with US grown soybean oil. The United States consumes approximately 100 million toner cartridges annually. If 1% of US businesses switched to SoyPrint, we could see a dramatic savings in oil and would provide office workers with an easy way to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

SoyPrint cartridges work in the printers you current own - simply replace your next empty cartridge with a SoyPrint cartridge. SoyPrint cartridges yield as many pages and do not damage printers in any way.

SoyPrint cartridges are the green alternative to the HP, Lexmark, or Dell line toner cartridges. We have customers in academia, government, corporate, and non profit markets. One thing about all our customers is true; they are energetic about spreading the word about our product and purpose. We have grown over 500% percent since our inception in 2008 and continue to grow as we are poised for the strongest quarter ever in Q2 of 2011.

Contact Soy Print

Contact Soy Print

P.O. Box 1143
Yarmouth, Maine  04096
Phone: 877-261-3909 ext 108
Fax: 207-221-1260


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