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Geospatial services is one of the fastest growing market in today's connected world. Once used primarily by the government, geospatial data is today used by all of us almost every day :

  • Consumers use geospatial data for driving directions, location-specific promotions, and finding places of interest around them.
  • Businesses use it to simplify logistics, reduce carrying costs, and speed up decision making
  • Mining and Utility companies use it to improve supply lines and reduce cost of discovery and maintenance of assets
  • Environmental organizations use it to study parameters such as forest cover, weather, and seismic activities
  • Governments use it for town planning, service administration, and a range of defense requirements.

SBL offers a comprehensive range of geospatial services that address the varied needs of consumers, businesses, and government agencies.


Contact SBL Geo-Spatial Services

Contact SBL Geo-Spatial Services

Paul McManus
Director – US Operations
7 Main Street
Newtown, Connecticut  06470
Cell Phone: 203 733 4314


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