Phantom Hill Farm

Phantom Hill Farm is located in Louisa, VA. We grow high quality and delicious produce in a way that does not negatively impact the environment or community.

We began flipping through seed catalogs and planning the farm at the start of the new year in 2013.  We started with an 80'x40' patch of land and grew lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, carrots, radishes, turnips, and cabbage with a fair amount of success considering it was not only OUR first time growing these vegetables, but it was the land's first time as well. We sold our excess bounty at a local farmer's market and instantly fell in love with the retail side of farming, too.
In early 2014, we built a 12'x50' high tunnel - which is where we start all of our seeds and house over 1,000 plants. We have since put another large patch of land under vegetable production and have incorporated perennial crops on the farm as well. Our farm has taught us so much already, and we look forward to learning all there is to know about the land and ourselves for many years to come! 


  • use absolutely no chemicals on any of our plants.
  • foster a biologically diverse habitat which in turns helps us with insect control and overall plant and soil health. The farm is always abundant with life.
  • do not support genetically engineered practices.
  • encourage healthy soil development by using no-till practices, organic and living mulches, covercrops, and compost.
  • strive to limit the amount of plastic waste as well as fossil fuel use on the farm.

Our produce is sold at three farmer's markets in Central VA: Mineral, Earlysville, and Forest Lakes. Everything is picked fresh before market and is chemical and GMO-free! 

Contact Phantom Hill Farm

Contact Phantom Hill Farm

18 Phantom Hill Dr.
Louisa, Virginia  23093
Cell Phone: 540-894-7901


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Albemarle County, Virginia
  • Charlottesville City County, Virginia
  • Louisa County, Virginia