Morning Dew Farm
Here at Morning Dew Farm we are MOFGA-certified organic and follow organic standards to provide you with the most nutritious vegetables possible. That means we never use pesticides, herbicides or other chemical sprays.

The spirit of organic agriculture, however, is more than “no spraying”. The real foundation of our farm is respecting the land and building soil tilth. Healthy soils with a robust population of microorganisms are the secret to growing beautiful, flavor packed and nutritious food. To that end we manage our fields with a beneficial combination of composted manures and vegetable waste, natural rock amendments, and living cover crops. The resulting fields show high levels of organic matter and provide us with high yields of organic vegetables.

      Philosophically it is important to us to maintain a diversified range of vegetables and animals on our farm. Commercial agriculture has increasingly whittled down the availability of many vegetable varieties, with growers selecting for shipping and shelf-life rather than taste and nutrition.  We see this both as an opportunity to provide our customers with unique heritage vegetables and as a responsibility to protect and maintain the planet’s genetic diversity.

    We raise chickens and pigs in a fashion which we believe to be healthy and humane for both the animals and the end consumers. We never use growth hormones and don’t feed GMO products. Our animals enjoy open range, access to a varied diet, and a lot of love from the farmers!  Livestock plays an important role in the farm nutrient cycle: they eat vegetable scraps, turn soil and scratch up weeds, and provide manure.

    Morning Dew is a community farm dedicated to providing residents of the Mid-Coast with freshly harvested organic produce. We take pride in knowing our veggies never travel more than 30 miles from farm to fork. 


Contact Morning Dew Farm

Contact Morning Dew Farm

Brendan McQuillen or Brady Hatch
5 Trails End Rd
Newcastle, Maine  04553
Phone: 207-882-6487


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