Mark Rasmussen

Mark has an MS in Forest Economics and a BS in Environmental Studies both from Utah State University. He started his career with the United States Forest Service developing forest plans. In 1984, Mark moved to Washington D.C. to be Policy Analyst for the National Forest Products Association. In 1987, he became the Forest Economist at Timber Data Company, providing the forest industry with insight into stumpage markets across the West. Since joining MB&G in 1996, Mark has focused on long term forest planning, forest policy analysis, economic analysis of forest management practices, and forest valuation.

Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc., provides forestry and environmental consulting services to all sectors of the natural resources community, covering most natural resources specialties throughout the West. The firm's services include helping private landowners manager their property, turn-key management of large timber parcels, natural resource studies, and environmental permitting. The firm employs a full range of specialists in areas such as economics, biometrics, wildlife, water quality, fisheries, appraisals, and timber inventories.

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Contact Mark Rasmussen

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