Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
The mission of the Department was originally envisioned to manage all environmental concerns. The initial argument was whether areas such as wildlife and fisheries, parks and recreation, wetlands, scenic streams, litter control, drinking water, and agriculture and forestry were considered environmental management areas. With the exception of litter control, which moved to DEQ in 1993, all of these areas have, by definition, remained in other departments responsible for their particular management and control. While certain responsibilities have been transferred to DEQ over the years, environmental concerns of other departments necessitate interaction with DEQ. 
Emergency response is an area where the Department responds to citizens’ complaints and environmental emergencies. In 1981 the Department created the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) hotline, (225) 219-3960 so citizens and the regulated community could report environmental concerns. 
The Department will continue to respond as the public becomes more aware of environmental areas such as recycling and litter control, air quality and toxics, sewage and industrial wastewater, wetlands and general hydrogeologic concerns.  The Department has been fortunate to have many professional employees whose concern with Louisiana's environmental quality has made them experts throughout the United States, sought after as participants in conferences, seminars and symposia. The Department's greatest resource is its employees, and the expertise and dedication they bring to the job in protecting Louisiana's environment.

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Contact Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Contact Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Peggy M. Hatch
Galvez Building
602 N. Fifth Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70802
Phone: (225) 219-3953
Toll Free: (866) 896-LDEQ (5337)
Fax: (225) 219-3971


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