Long Forestry Consultants

Long Forestry Consultants is a full-service, comprehensive forest, land, and timber management company dedicated to providing the highest quality professional forestry services to private and corporate landowners throughout Georgia and north Florida. With over 30 years of experience in the forestry profession, we have the expertise to help landowners achieve their management objectives on their forest property. Our goal is to assist forest owners in maximizing benefits from seedling to sale.

Timber Sales

We will oversee all aspects of timber sales from harvest to market, and will help maximize returns on investment.

Forest Inventories

The forest inventory is the scientific method of collecting statistical information of the forestry resources so that you know what you've got and how it's growing.

Timber Marking

Timber marking is the process of selecting and marking trees for harvest.

Management Plans

A management plan is the development of a detailed action plan for the property, based on the landowner's objectives.

Prescribed Burning

Regular burning is the use of fire as a tool to achieve a management objective.


Reforestation is simply the re-planting of trees on harvested land or agricultural land.

Wildlife Management

Grow more, see more, grow them bigger!

Contact Long Forestry Consultants

Contact Long Forestry Consultants

Gregory D. Long
2737 Highway 441 North
Dublin, Georgia  31021
Phone: (478) 275-7700
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Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Florida
  • Georgia