Ken Driggers

For the past twenty years I have been involved in natural resource and historic preservation issues. From conservation law, to trail building, to cultural preservation, I have a broad background in making progress for issues I care about. Along the way, I have tried to broaden the public's experience in the natural and historic wonders around us.

I am now working directly with individuals and organizations. As a lawyer, as a consultant or as a project manager I can help achieve your goals in preservation and conservation. I offer a personal relationship,working on your issue for you.

My practice is based in Columbia, South Carolina. I offer my clients personalized service in a variety of fields to help fulfill their individual goals.

Land Protection
I am experienced in private and public land protection and have helped implement land conservation strategies on some of the South’s most significant properties. My services include conservation easements, conservation finance and forming successful conservation partnerships.

Natural Resource Law
Government permitting, environmental regulations and land use laws are confusing. Let me help you execute strategies for maneuvering through the development regulatory maze. I specialize in natural resource law and bring my clients particular expertise in working with local governments.

Government Regulations
Ensuring sensitive growth in our communities is a delicate balance. I have worked with many communities on regulatory schemes to protect sensitive historic and natural resources .

Public Access
Public access is quickly becoming a major conservation issue. I am among the most experienced practioners in public access issues such as rights of way, rail banking and public use. I have worked with private and public landowners to navigate the often complex world of public access.

Pursue Your Goals
Let me help you navigate toward your goals. I understand why your issue is important and how you want it handled

Contact Ken Driggers

Contact Ken Driggers

2519 Devine Street
PO BOX 50294
Columbia, South Carolina  29204
Phone: 803.331.0344


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