Imperial Weed Management Area
WMAs are local stakeholder groups working on weed projects. Typically, they are organized by county, through county Agricultural Commissioners' offices. All interested land management entities, public and private, are invited to participate. Official WMA partners sign a Memorandum of Understanding indicating their commitment to working on invasive plant problems to the extent resources allow. Each WMA develops a strategic plan that identifies their top priorities for local management. Together these partners plan and implement projects on-the-ground, and collaborate on mapping and public education. In the year 2000, there were fewer than 20 groups statewide—today there are 48 covering all counties.

Mapping contact:
  • Rachel Nilson, 760- 482-4314,
  • Held two to three times a year in El Centro

  • 2001

Project Highlights:

  • Integrated Management of Puncturevine and Johnsongrass
    • The WMA is working to stop the spread of pucturevine and johnsongrass from infested areas into non infested areas in Imperial County through the use of integrated weed management techniques. The WMA will contain and seek the eradication of any A-rated or Q-rated noxious weed that is detected during our weed survey and activities.
  • Imperial County Weed Mapping Project
    • Weeds of concern to the Imperial County WMA will be recorded on a digital GIS map with the purpose of tracking the distribution of these weeds and to assess the control methods.

Contact Imperial Weed Management Area

Contact Imperial Weed Management Area

Carlos Ortiz
Chair,and Deputy Agricultural Commissioner for Imperial County
852 Broadway
El Centro, California  92243
Phone: 760-482-4314
Fax: 760-353-9420


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Imperial County, California