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In 2005, a group of farmers in the Penns Creek Watershed joined together to direct market their products within our community. Each of these farmers uses environmentally friendly methods to raise a variety of farm products, including vegetables, herbs, dairy products, eggs, meats, and berries. By joining together to coordinate growing, marketing, and distribution, GroundWork Farms aims to provide an abundant and reliable source of fresh, healthy foods to grocery stores, restaurants, and individuals. We are currently laying the groundwork for an effort that may one day evolve into a farmer-owned cooperative, supporting a large number of local farmers and supplying food to a great many members of our community.

Join our CSA! ~

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture is a system of mutual support between the farmer and the eater. CSA members buy a share in the harvest, paying for a season’s worth of farm products at the beginning of the year. During the harvest season, CSA members receive a weekly box of fresh, in-season farm fare. This system benefits farmers, providing them with the upfront capital they need to see their farms through the growing season. CSA members receive a box full of fresh and healthy food at fair prices, delivered to a convenient location. Customers also appreciate the opportunity to support environmentally sound agriculture in Centre County.

Not Just Veggies Anymore! ~

Not Just VeggiesGroundWork Farms moves beyond the traditional produce CSA model to one that offers a greater variety of local food choices. To this end, we are offering dairy, egg, bread, and herb shares, in addition to a season’s worth of fresh vegetables. We are also able to supply you with dairy products, bread, eggs, hearty winter soups, and in-season produce year round, so you don’t have to lose out on farm-fresh taste, just because there’s snow covering the ground. CSA members will also have the opportunity to order local fruit, berries, pastured meats, flour, mushrooms, canned goods, honey, and more during the course of the season.

Local Delivery ~

GroundWork Farms offers delivery of customers’ share boxes to their home, workplace, or other convenient location in Centre and Union Counties.Leave a cooler on your front porch to keep your items fresh all day, or clear space in the fridge in your office.Contact us to work out the details.


Contact GroundWork Farms

Contact GroundWork Farms

P.O. Box 158
Millheim, Pennsylvania  16854
Phone: 814-349-8915


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