Greene Land Trust

The mission of the Greene Land Trust is to preserve and protect significant natural and cultural resources in and around Greene County, New York. The Trust's goal is to provide substantial public benefit in identifying and protecting important resources while demonstrating a flexible and exemplary partnership with all stakeholders.
The Greene Land Trust will maintain the highest levels of integrity and openness in our relations with the public and property owners. The Trust is committed to using the standards and practices of the Land Trust Alliance to guide all of its operations. To further that commitment we have adopted Bylaws and Policies that will guide our actions.

The Greene Land Trust was established in 2004. It was incorporated the same year as the Upper Hudson - Northern Catskill Natrual Resource Trust with a registered DBA as Greene Land Trust. The Greene Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization recognized as public charity by the Internal Revenue Service.

In 2003, during environmental impact assessments of the GCIDA’s Greene Business & Technology Park project, local, state and federal conservation/environmental interests raised the issue of impacts to the habitats of several bird species of concern, primarily the Northern Harrier hawk.

A Grassland Habitat Protection Plan was developed by the GCSWCD, GCIDA and a local Habitat Advisory Committee. The Plan provided for the permanent protection of over 300 acres of fields, forests and riparian wetlands for habitat. Recognizing the need for an organizational structure that would insure long term protection and management of the habitat lands, the GCSWCD and GCIDA funded the establishment of the Greene Land Trust.

Since then, the Trust has worked with a wide range of partners to facilitate a balance between sound development and effective preservation.

Contact Greene Land Trust

Contact Greene Land Trust

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Executive Director
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