Gospel Flat Farm
Beyond the farm border, we bring you the vision and voice of the good news farm, Gospel Flat Farm. This is a place of family inspiration, a four-generation project of unbound potential to create a hospitable community-oriented terminal of food, culture and art.

The Farm Stand: At our twenty four-seven honor system vegetable market, Shoppers notice the extraordinary freshness of veggies at the Farm Stand. This is because everything is picked the same day, just hours before the hordes of afternoon patrons arrive. Selling our farm this way through the Stand, we are able to grow varieties not seen in stores because they do not ship or refrigerate well. If you don’t recognize a vegetable or fruit, try it and soon you will discover how fun and easy it is to expand your dinner menu.

A Kitchen Built from Scraps: Spreading food, culture and art, we recognize the necessity to break out beyond our farm’s boundaries. The LifeBoat is a mobile kitchen school, a microcosm that combines the farm and our home kitchen in a workspace.

Beyond an edible garden: Our farm is an edible landscape, and our work is both as producers and artists. We believe that food deserves an explanation, food deserves a parade, a second look and a creative attitude.
Gospel Flat was named for the churches that were built on this flat delta. Gospel Flat, to us is a place of hope, a place that offers the good news of the land: pure and simple sustenance at the roadside. We would not have become farmers if we had not first rejoiced in making dinner as a family. Enjoying the meal has always inspired the day. The goal of our work is to maximize the edibility of our landscape and therefore enrich our lives. Our field mirrors our kitchen table in its abundant culinary delights and flavors. This diversity of vegetables and animals is key to the ecological health of our fields and to the satisfaction of our human palate. But most importantly, this diverse farm keeps a giant wing of our culture alive, intact and local.

Come take a tour with us! Learn from and delight in our edible landscape!

Half day farm tours: Our typical tour lasts 1 to 2 hours and is led by Mickey Murch.

$150 for groups up to 35 people.

Contact Gospel Flat Farm

Contact Gospel Flat Farm

140 Olema-Bolinas Road
Bolinas, California  94924
Phone: 415. 868. 9310


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