Dryland Horticulture

For 15 years Matthew Utley has been growing native perennials and sharing them with people that enjoy landscaping with a sense of place.

We grow specific plants for our customers' needs and we can suggest species to fit your landscape.  
Matthew teaches plant propagation workshops, and wildflower appreciation classes through Life-long Learning at the University of Utah. Matthew is also Director of Horticulture and Facilities at Tracy Avairy (so yes, we also really like native birds too).  

Since much of our business is wholesale we require minimum order quantities and are open by appointment.  We can ship/deliver too.  

Contact Dryland Horticulture

Contact Dryland Horticulture

Matthew Utley
1759 Garfield Ave.
Salt Lake City, Utah  84108
Phone: 801-597-6051


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