Deborah Perkins, M.S.

Wildlife biologist, educator, and conservation professional with 20 years of work experience in public, private, and academic institutions throughout North America. Extensive background in wildlife research, program leadership, management, and coordination with a focus on natural resource management, rural outreach, communications, team-building, and collaborations.

Fieldwork experience includes studies of coastal brown bears in Alaska, grizzly bears in Yellowstone, shorebirds in the eastern Canadian Arctic, and black bears in New Mexico, Tennessee, and Maine. Other wildlife studies in Maine include her work on New England cottontails, Canada lynx, American Woodcock, harbor seals, and Peregrine Falcons. Outside of wildlife research, Deb has coordinated regional conservation efforts in Alaska and Maine, worked on rural outreach efforts, and developed communication materials for a variety of needs. 

Deb is uniquely qualified to offer clients a comprehensive and integrative approach to science, policy, education, and outreach needs. She is particularly well suited to translating science for a broad range of audiences. 

Deb brings a special expertise to landowners who require help in developing habitat plans for their properties, or clients who are simply seeking wildlife expertise.

Specialties: As a Technical Service Provider for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Deb develops Fish and Wildlife Conservation Activity Plans for private landowners enrolled in NRCS programs. Deb is also available to develop wildlife plans for landowners who seek help with habitat management in any capacity.

Contact Deborah Perkins, M.S.

Contact Deborah Perkins, M.S.

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