Dan Parker

Tillinghast & Neely specializes in conducting timber sales and supervising harvests in a manner that will best achieve the forestland owner's short term and long term goals. We focus on the management of building wealth for forestland owners - from the small to the very large.

Tillinghast & Neely uses its experience to appraise your timber and advise what is needed to get you where you want to go. We utilize this experience to provide a wide range of expert testimony on forestry matters.

Tillinghast & Neely has learned what future outcomes result from actions taken in the present. We work with the great people of the forest products industry to bring about the management, financial, and environmental outcomes that all desire.

Tillinghast & Neely has assisted many with forestland divestitures and acquisitions using its understanding of timber values gained from selling, managing and appraising billions and billions of board feet of timber.

Tillinghast & Neely has also recently begun to help large landowners study the feasibility of monetizing their forests' carbon squestration potential.

Contact Dan Parker

Contact Dan Parker

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