Clendenen's Cider Works
Clendenen's Cider Works is open mid-August through January with the picking season ending in late November or early December. Our orchard yields about 50 tons of apples. Another 15 tons of juice apples are purchased from Sebastopol. "We make close to 10,000 gallons of cider a year," says Clif Clendenen. "And we sell a whole lot of boxed apples."

The cider crush happens roughly every five days and visitors are welcome to sample a drink that varies in taste as different strains of apple become ripe. Clif thinks the cider's best when the King and a few other varieties are added in.

Heating and pasteurizing changes the flavor of cider. Cider purchased at the site of pressing is not required to be treated. Nothing is added to the cider, making it an all natural product, which is hard to find these days. Natural cider will keep for maybe two weeks, depending on the refrigeration temperature. The colder it is kept, the longer it will keep. Cider can even be frozen, making sure to leave an air space for expansion. It can be thawed slowly in the refrigerator and shaken before drinking. Frozen cider is just as good as freshly-pressed cider.

Mon–Sat 9am to 5:30pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm
Open mid-August through January

Contact Clendenen's Cider Works

Contact Clendenen's Cider Works

96 South 12th Street
Fortuna, California  95540
Phone: (707) 725-2123


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