Champlain Housing Trust


Champlain Housing Trust is a membership-based nonprofit organization with a commitment to creating and preserving perpetually affordable housing and vital communities in northwest Vermont.

New Organization Story

Burlington Community Land Trust and Lake Champlain Housing Development Corporation were each founded by the City of Burlington, Vermont in 1984 to provide affordable, safe, and decent housing to families and individuals with low to moderate incomes. As geographic territory, services, and funding sources increasingly overlapped, the two organizations decided to combine their assets and resources into Champlain Housing Trust. In 2006, the merger was complete.

The Champlain Housing Trust provides a wide range of housing throughout Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle counties. We help people on all rungs of the housing ladder, from single room occupancies to rental apartments to cooperative homes to condominiums and single family homes. Over 2,000 households live in Champlain Housing Trust homes in the region.

Contact Champlain Housing Trust

Alice Stokes
Asst. to the Director of HOC
179 S Winooski Ave
PO Box 523
Burlington, Vermont  05401-4536
Phone: (802)-862-6244
Fax: (802)-862-5054


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Vermont