Cass Conservation District

We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing Cass County's natural resources by providing educational and technical services to all landowners.

Pressures on natural resources have continued to mount with soil erosion problems due to development without proper conservation measures in place; and other nonpoint source pollution occurring due to the actions of the many new land users in rural and suburban areas.

It became clear to Conservation Districts in Michigan that the role of the Districts needed to evolve in order to serve this new and ever expanding clientele in addition to their agricultural customers, who have the collective power of altering the face of the landscape.

There was a time when the federal and state government provided many resources to those who needed assistance. Recently, there has been a realization that federal and state programs, in trying to serve a broad range of customers, cannot always tailor their program to suit local needs. For this reason, the shift has been toward local people providing local solutions to local problems.

The Cass County Conservation District, as a “gateway” to our community, provides linkages between land users and a host of conservation service providers that include state, federal and local governments, and conservation organizations. We help to identify the needs of the community, work in partnership with others involved in conservation to set local priorities, and develop action plans to solve natural resource problems. These efforts allow people to best manage their private lands for a cleaner, healthier Michigan while allowing the public a nearby point of access to the aspects of natural resource management.

Contact Cass Conservation District

Contact Cass Conservation District

Korie Blyveis
Executive Director
1127 East State Street
Cassopolis, Michigan  49031-9354
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