Arizona State Fire Assistance Program

What does the State Fire Assistance Program do?

Hazardous Fuel Reduction - Supports state-led hazard mitigation activities in the wildland urban interface, focused on reducing property loss, decreasing fuels hazards, and increasing public awareness and citizen-driven solutions in rural communities.

Information and Education in the Wildland Urban Interface - Delivers a nationwide fire prevention program through public service advertising, educational activities, product licensing, and corporate partnerships. The Smokey Bear program is part of this component, and FIREWISE is another prevention component. FIREWISE is a program that promotes wildland fire safety in the interface and fosters community-based responsibility through adult education, community action planning, fuels treatments, and landscaping. FIREWISE workshops for community and business leaders will be conducted over a three-year period. Participants will work to establish local FIREWISE standards to ensure a safer place for people to live.

What is the background of the WUI grants?

The Arizona State Land Department, Fire Management Division has identified 122 communities throughout the state that are most vulnerable to wildland urban interface fires. Communities were selected using objective criteria to analyze the hazards, values and risks. A programmatic strategy has been instituted that recognizes the importance of communities developing partnerships with federal and state agencies, local and tribal governments, and private citizens to address the threat from catastrophic wildland fire. The goal is to build the capacity in and around communities to assess risk, protect lives and property and restore forests to a healthy, sustainable condition.

In the summer of 2001, the Fire Management Division solicited request for proposals (RFP) from Arizona communities to conduct projects in the wildland/urban interface that would reduce hazardous fuels and increase public safety. This RFP followed guidelines set by the seventeen Western State Foresters and Fire Management Officers and anticipated grant funding provided by the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act (PL 107-63) for Federal Fiscal Year 2002. These projects were selected through a competitive process conducted by the Fire Management Division and a committee of western states fire management officers and advisors. Twenty-one Arizona communities were funded for high priority fuel treatments, FIREWISE and other prevention and education projects, and community hazard assessment and mitigation projects.

How do the grants work?

Federal funds flow through the Fire Management Division to communities using a sub-grant process. Sub-grantees will develop project work plans, financial budgets and landowner agreements as appropriate. In-kind match will be included in the project work plans and financial budgets. Recipients will be required to provide adequate documentation. The rate of match will be 50% federal and 50% non-federal. Quarterly and close out reports will be submitted as appropriate.

The Fire Management Division will assist communities to develop standards and prescriptions to implement the projects. The Division will monitor project accomplishments and reimburse communities as work is certified as being completed. Experience from FY01 WUI grants shows sub-grantees will need more than one year to complete the grant. The Fire Management Division usually requests an initial grant time period of approximately 1 ½ years, to allow sub-grantees time to develop program, consult with cooperating agencies, encourage landowner, train thinning contractors and fully implement the grant. The Fire Management Division may request additional grant extensions provided sub-grantees and communities are demonstrating significant progress, commensurate with grant objectives and allotted time.

Arizona State Contact:
Mike Hart
SFA Program Manager
Arizona Sate Land Department
Forestry Division
1110 West Washington, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 771-1413

When the application period for SFA grants is open you will find more information on the Arizona Fire Management Division webpage:

Contact Arizona State Fire Assistance Program

Contact Arizona State Fire Assistance Program

Mike Hart
SFA Program Manager
Arizona Sate Land Department, Forestry Division
1110 West Washington, Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona  85007
Phone: (602) 771-1413


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