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The CIT is dedicated to advancing water management practices and irrigation technology. Their programs cover four major areas:

  • Hydraulics laboratory testing
  • Field research
  • Analytical studies and special projects
  • Education
CIT conducts irrigation equipment testing and evaluation for both public agencies and private businesses. They also offer seminars, workshops, study tours and customized training programs for domestic and international clients. Following are some specific services they provide:

  • Facilities and procedures for testing and evaluating irrigation equipment
  • Independent performance and analytical data for both manufacturers and users of irrigation equipment
  • Irrigation education and training for industry, government agencies and the academic community
  • Technical reports, seminar proceedings and quarterly newsletter information
They have developed a state-of-the-art hydraulics laboratory for testing irrigation equipment. Their research, testing and training activities are conducted by full-time staff technicians under the leadership of the center director. University professors, staff and students also contribute to technology transfer through specialized research projects.

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Center for Irrigation Technology
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